Roof Coverings

ICOMplus coverings have become a unique and attractive alternative to shelter an infinite number of elements in the recent times. The system, due to its mechanical performance, features the ability to adapt to all kinds of spaces to cover, solving important aspects such as sealing, acoustics, thermal protection or fire resistance.

ICOMplus develops its coverings from high resistance galvanized steel profiles, using as coverings’ material different systems according to the customer’s needs; this materials include high-quality PVC canvas, lacquered corrugated sheet or polycarbonate. With the attractive possibility of being able to remove the structure any time the client deems it convenient.

ICOMplus roof coverings can be made of pvc canvas, lacquered corrugated sheet or polycarbonate. Considering the possibility of perimeter fences with many alternatives, which are consistent to the particular needs of each client.


ICOMplus structure coverings are made of high resistance galvanized steel, with a variety of finishes and features. For more information about the different materials and finishes available, consult our technical department.


ICOMplus roof coverings offer important benefits:

  • Decrease in the execution time of the work, as well as a minimum Foundation.
  • The components are prefabricated, so they require less control in the execution.
  • The system ensures a greater seal, improving slipping of rainwater or snow layers, and offers better wind resistance.
  • They need less maintenance due to the finishing coverings profiles.
  • This covering system is completely removable.
  • The materials technology used, enables a very appropriate behavior in aggressive environments.
  • Installations or coverings 100% removable.
  • Fast installation coverings.
  • Relocatable installations at reduced cost.
  • Expandable coverings in a simple and economic way.
  • Homogeneous roof height, ideal for sports facilities.
  • Modular susceptible structures to mount on any type of terrain, even in those where other constructions are not permitted or feasible, like rural land.
  • Rain protection.
  • UV protection.
  • It cushions the rain noise.
  • You don’t need to have the bulbs on during the day.
  • Removes crystals’ moisture and humidity (paddle courts).
  • Possibility of digital-printing advertisement’s canvases.
  • Competitive price
  • We adapt to any type of model and situation.
  • It extends the working life of the covered space.
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