Quality – quality and environmental policy

The ICOMplus administration considers as basic principles of its management, that its activities and provision of services are carried out with a high level of quality and respect for the environment, in such a way that customer’s requirements, legally established requirements and requirements being enforced by the lead organization in the field of quality and environmental issues are met, as well as all the European regulations issued relating to the CE marking.

For this reason, all ICOMplus’ employees and collaborators have to adhere and must meet the following requirements:

Comply with international, national, regional or local legislation and, whenever it is possible, go beyond the requirements those Organization issue.

Implement an integrated quality and environmental management system, and of continuous behavioral and defectiveness improvement of the integrated management system.

Make a commitment to meet all our customers’ requirements and reach the maximum level of customer satisfaction as well as making a commitment to prevent any pollution.

Reduce the environmental impacts associated with the activity of ICOMplus with special attention to the design, manufacturing and assembly management of our roof coverings, as well as a proper management of any waste generated.

Raise awareness and sensitize all members of the staff and partners regarding the need to achieve:

A high level of quality, through the familiarisiation with the integrated quality and environmental management system documentation, and a proper environmental management.

ICOMplus integrated quality and environmental policy is a statement of its intentions and principles, which provide a global framework for the establishment of quality and environmental objectives and goals. The ICOMplus administration is, furthermore, committed to organize, develop, and monitor programs or actions that are needed in the company for the system’s implementation (in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004), which must be assumed by all of its employees and collaborators, aiming to achieve the established quality goals and objectives.

This quality and Environmental management policy will be reviewed, communicated to all employees and made available to the public.

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